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  Evergreen Lake listed in CNN's Top 10 of the World's Most Beautiful Ice Skating Rinks


Elk Run is the perfect high country headquarters. Activities near Elk Run change almost daily and the town of Evergreen is an active 4-season community. Browse the Downtown Evergreen site for a current list of nearby activities. Elk Run is just up road.

Wild Life you may see

Wildlife move at their own pace and on their own schedule. Different seasons bring different experiences. We’ve seen all these from our decks.

  • Deer (almost daily, two were living under the deck!)
  • Elk
  • Fox
  • Bear
  • Turkey
  • Many humming birds
  • Various birds of prey
  • Various other bird species
  • Aquatic critters in our stream

Experience the outdoors

The Evergreen area is rich with opportunities. We list just a few of the many exciting adventures waiting for you near Elk Run. And don’t forget, there are dozens of quiet places to relax, enjoy conversation, or just take in the mountain air and beautiful sights and sounds.

Experience the outdoors a bit further away:

Local Restaurants & Bars

Elk Run is Handicap Accessible
Elk Run B&B offers access-friendly accommodations.

Parking, our finest guest room, private bath with roll-in shower, and meal offerings are all on one accessible level.
  Our Home Has a Dog
We love dogs and welcome you and your family dog. Please let us know at the time you make reservations if you’ll be bringing a dog. There is a small daily charge for each dog.
Occasionally, elk, deer, or bear visit the property. When this happens, we welcome the subtle announcement!
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